Where Can I Buy A Book Of Stamps?

How much is a book of stamps 2019?

On January 27, 2019, the U.S. Postal Service implemented new postage rates. Previously, a book of stamps cost $9.20. After January 27th, it cost $9.80.

How much for a book of stamps at the post office?

The cost of a book of 20 stamps rose from $9.20 to $9.80. The U.S. Postal Service’s 3-cent increase is the largest hike for consumer postage in more than a decade. The cost of mailing a post card will also go up to 34 cents, a 1-cent increase.

Can I buy a book of stamps online?

Easily buy and print USPS postage stamps online for letter mailings. To buy postage stamps online, all you need is a printer, approved postage labels and a subscription to a PC Postage service such as Stamps.com. These adhesive labels can be used to send any class of mail for domestic or international letters.

How can I buy stamps?

Here then is a guide to where you can buy stamps in the USA.

  • 1 – Walmart. Image source.
  • 2 – Banks. Image source.
  • 3 – A Gas Station. Image source.
  • 4 – Pharmacies. Image source.
  • 5 – An ATM.
  • 6 – Office Supplies.
  • 7 – Grocery Stores.
  • 8 – Amazon.