Quick Answer: Where Are Rei Clothes Made?

Where is REI products made?

The stakes are much higher at REI, which imports about one in every five apparel products from two factories in South China.

Last year, the decades-old retailer imported $10 million worth of Chinese-made goods for its nationwide chain of 46 stores and 1.4 million members.

Who makes REI products?

REI operates 158 retail stores in 37 states.

Recreational Equipment, Inc.

TypeConsumers’ co-operative
Key peopleEric Artz, CEO
RevenueUS$2.38 billion (2015)
Operating incomeUS$136 million (2012)
Net incomeUS$29 million (2012)

8 more rows

Is Rei an ethical company?

In our opinion, REI is a model of ethical management. “Employees receive incentive rewards based on the overall performance of the co-op, each division and the stores. REI health care plans cover preventive care and maintenance drugs for chronic conditions, and tobacco cessation at no cost.”

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