What Is The Limit For A Money Order?

Can you get a money order for 5000?

The U.S.

Postal Service charges $1.30 for money orders up to $500, and $1.75 from $500.01 up to $1,000.

If you have a bank account, your bank may not charge you for cashier’s checks or you may pay less than non-customers..

How much can you get a money order for?

Money orders typically have maximum limits around $700 or $1,000, although actual limits depend on the issuer. Cashier’s checks, on the other hand, are available for much larger amounts.

Can you cash a money order at an ATM?

Banks accept U.S. Postal Service money orders as they would regular checks at branches, ATMs or even on a banking app with a mobile check deposit function.

Who has the cheapest money orders near me?

The 11 Best Places to Buy a Money OrderWalmart. Walmart money orders are pretty cheap and convenient since you’ll probably be shopping their anyways. … Publix. When it comes to grocery stores, Publix is one of the cheaper places to get a money order. … CVS Drugstore. … 7-Eleven. … Kroger. … K-Mart. … Meijer. … Walgreens.More items…•Sep 10, 2020

How much can you put on a money order at Walmart?

The maximum amount for a single money order at Walmart is $1,000. If you need more than $1,000, you’ll need to buy multiple money orders (for example, two money orders totaling $2,000).

Who will cash a money order?

Where to Cash a Money OrderBank. One of the easiest ways to receive your funds is to cash a money order at the bank. … Credit union. … Money transfer outlet. … Post office. … Grocery store. … Check-cashing location. … Convenience store. … Money order issuer.More items…•Sep 26, 2018

What banks offer free money orders?

You can request a money order in any of these locations:Any Bank or Credit Union. You may pay a fee, typically around $5, but you should be able to walk into a local bank or credit union branch and request a money order. … Western Union or MoneyGram Locations. … US Postal Service. … 7-Eleven. … CVS Pharmacy. … Kmart. … Kroger. … Meijer.More items…•May 24, 2021

How does a money order work at Walmart?

A Walmart money order is essentially a prepaid check or bank certificate. To get a money order, you pay the amount of the money order to the issuer, plus a small fee. Then you’ll be issued the money order, which will typically include the name of both the recipient and the issuer.

Can I do money order online?

Money orders are now available online, although they’re a bit different from the ones you purchase in person. … Regular money orders can be bought at your local grocery store, bank or post office. There are some limitations to paper money orders, but they’re easily worked around.

Do all CVS sell money orders?

No, CVS pharmacies does not cash money orders; they only sell them. … Check cashing locations will also pay out money orders. However, they may charge more than your typical bank or credit union. Some grocery stores cash money orders too.

Can money orders be over 1000?

Domestic money orders cannot be more than $1,000.

Do Walgreens do money orders?

No, Walgreens does not sell money orders. It does, however, sell money transfers via Western Union. The difference between a money order and a money transfer is negligible.

How long is a money order valid for?

1-3 yearsAfter 1-3 years, Western Union will charge a fee against the value of the money order. If this goes on long enough, the money order will be worthless. U.S.P.S. money orders do not expire and retain their value indefinitely.

How much do money orders cost at CVS?

CVS sells money orders for $1.25 with a maximum amount per money order of $500.

Do you need cash for a money order?

To purchase a money order, you typically need to pay with cash or a debit card. 5 You generally can’t just write a personal check or use a credit card to purchase a money order, because issuers can’t be certain whether or not your check will bounce or whether you’ll file a chargeback with your card issuer.

Can I get a money order at 7 Eleven?

You can buy money orders at 7 Eleven but they do not cash money orders. To buy a money order at 7-Eleven, simply go to the cashier and ask for it. Government-issued identification is required, and you must purchase them in cash because 7-Eleven does not accept debit cards or credit cards for money orders.

Can I use my debit card to buy a money order?

You can purchase and cash a money order from: The U.S. Postal Service. Every U.S. post office accepts debit cards as payment for money orders.

Can I return a money order if I write on it?

Many money order providers and cashiers won’t let you correct the mistake yourself. Changing information on the completed money order will make the order ineligible for cashing; the official policy is that money orders must be canceled and/or refunded if there is a mistake.

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