Question: What Happens If You Send An Amazon Gift Card To The Wrong Email?

Resend an Email or Text Message Gift Card

You may want to check with your recipient to make sure their e-mail provider isn’t filtering the e-mail into a “junk” or “spam” folder.

Resending the gift card will generate a new gift card for your recipient and the original gift card will be deactivated.

What if I sent an Amazon gift card to the wrong email?

Re-sending E-mail Gift Card

Go to Your Orders in Your Account. Click the “Resend it” link for the gift card you want to resend. 4. Review the information regarding the gift card to be reissued, and follow the instructions on the page.

Can you Unredeem an Amazon gift card?

Only Amazon customer service can “unredeem” a gift card from an account for you. However, you won’t receive money in return. They will typically (as an exception to their policy) only “unredeem” a gift card from one account in order to add it to a different account for you.

What happens if an Amazon gift card is not redeemed?

If you already redeem it, you only need to select a US address and add any credit/debit card, it will be used right away. If it has not been redeemed, you just add the amazon gift card number and you follow the same steps as if it was already redeemed. Of course, check the gift card balance before the purchase.

Can you use an Amazon gift card on two accounts?

Once you apply a gift card on your Amazon account, there is no way to get it back or transfer it to another account. Now back to the only way you can spend an applied gift card balance on another account. The only way to do this is to link the two accounts through the household feature on Amazon.