Quick Answer: What Gifts Can You Send Online?

These online gift cards and subscription services are the way to go. Wait, Christmas is how many days away?

23 last-minute gifts you can send by email

  • iTunes gift card.
  • A music subscription.
  • Food and groceries.
  • Local gift cards.
  • TaskRabbit.
  • E-books.
  • Audible.
  • Video streaming service.

What gift cards can be sent electronically?

  1. Macy’s. Under Armour. GameStop.
  2. Macy’s. Wayfair. Office Max. GameStop.
  3. GiftCards.com for Business. Order business branded gift cards Now »Corporate (for orders over $10,000)
  4. Cardholder Agreements.

What can you send to someone other than flowers?

7 Things You Can Send Someone That Are Better Than Flowers

  • Boxsmith. We can’t get enough of Boxsmith for sorting out our last minute present woes—they focus on beautiful products that are ethical too!
  • Sabato’s Cheese Box.
  • Doornuts.
  • The Daily Edited.
  • Willow and Wolfe.
  • Te Matuku Bay Oysters.
  • Angel Delivery.

How do you send a gift to someone?



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Can you send a gift card via email?

When you’re crunched for time and don’t want to pay expedited shipping charges to get a gift card delivered quickly, then send a digital gift card. Shipping is free because the virtual card (or a link to claim the card) is delivered electronically via text, email, social media, mobile wallet or gift card app.

How can I send a gift online?

Yes, you can send gifts directly to them along with the ease to get them delivered right on the date you want.

Birthday Gifts from Archies Online.

Gift TypeProduct TypeGift by Relation
Flowers & CakesMugs & SippersBoyfriend
Birthday HampersHampersMother
Greeting CardsChocolatesHusband

2 more rows

Are e gift cards instant?

1. Timing is Everything. One of the primary benefits of sending gift cards electronically is that the gift can be sent almost immediately (and free of charge!).