Quick Answer: What Can I Use My Ticketmaster Gift Card For?

Ticketmaster Gift Cards can be used for events in Canada and the United States only.

Awesomeness, or in other words:

  • Tickets.
  • Parking.
  • VIP Packages.
  • And some merchandise.

Why can’t I use my Ticketmaster gift card?

The reason is a familiar one – you can’t access the paid-for deal because Ticketmaster is improving its service to customers. The company explains that a website upgrade means online gift cards can’t be processed for certain events.

What is a Ticketmaster gift card?

A Ticketmaster Gift Card or e-Gift Card makes the perfect reward or incentive for your staff or customers. From spectacular West End musicals and world class concerts to sports and side-splitting comedy, at Ticketmaster you can get it all.

Do Ticketmaster gift cards expire?

Expiration Dates.

Purchased Gift Cards have no expiration date. However, after a certain period of time we may remit the cash associated with unused Gift Card balances to certain states pursuant to their abandoned property laws.

How do you redeem Ticketmaster gift cards?

How do I use/redeem my gift card? Select the tickets for your event and proceed to the checkout page. On the checkout please select Gift Card as the method of payment. Enter the 16-digit Gift Card number, and the 3-digit security number/PIN.

Can you buy a gift card for Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster Gift Cards may be purchased online by CLICKING HERE. Gift cards can only be purchased with a US or CA credit card. Fans who wish to purchase Ticketmaster Gift Cards in bulk should review our Bulk Gift Card FAQ’s.

Is stubhub the same as Ticketmaster?

No. Stubhub is not related to Ticketmaster/live nation. We often have issues when people purchase tickets from stubhub rather than from live nation/ticketmaster because we can’t fix the problem or refund the guest ourselves.