Should I Get A Kindle Oasis?

Is it worth buying Kindle Oasis?

If you’re upgrading from an older Kindle with fewer features, the Oasis is worth a look, but the price is still a big turnoff.

The Kindle Oasis I tested came with 32GB of storage and built-in WiFi, and sells for $279.99.

It’s also available with 8GB of storage and built-in WiFi for $249.99.

Is a Kindle worth it 2019?

The new 2019 Kindle is not Amazon’s most feature-packed e-reader (that’s the Kindle Oasis ) and it’s not the best value (that’s the Kindle Paperwhite ), but it is under $100.

Is Kindle Oasis better than Paperwhite?

The Kindle Oasis has the superior design and display over the Paperwhite, and this makes it a better device for certain audiences, like people who constantly bash or drop their device, or have sensitive eyes, but the design improvements might not be necessary for all users.

Is it worth buying a Kindle if I have an iPad?

If you buy an ebook in the Kindle Store, you can read it on your Kindle or in a Kindle app on your iPad. As you see, an iPad is a much better device if you want to have access to different ebook ecosystems.