Question: Does Midasbuy Accept Debit Card?

How can I buy PUBG UC debit card?

Instruction to RedeemLogin to your account at Midasbuy ( the “PUBG Mobile game credit Top-up” page, and enter you PUBG Mobile player ID.Access the “Redeem code” page, enter redemption code printed on the receipt of your purchase of this card, and enter such code on that page.More items….

Can I buy UC with Paytm?

Recently payments service provider Paytm has partnered with the battle royale game and is offering the option of buying UC. … -Select the option and you will re-directed to the Paytm payment portal. -After the payment is successful, the select UC should be immediately credited to your game.

How do I buy UC from Midasbuy?

How to get PUBG Mobile UC at a cheap price using MidasBuy IndiaStep 1: First of all, you will need to create an account on the Razer Gold website using this link.Step 2: Follow two-step verification and proceed to add money using any of the wallets – Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, Google Pay, PayPal, etc.More items…•Mar 16, 2020

How do I register on Midasbuy?

HOW TO GET MIDASBUY REGISTRATION GIFT?Use e-mail or Facebook to register a new Midasbuy account or log in with your existing account.Link your Player ID. ( If you’ve already registered and logged in using Facebook, please skip this step. )Re-enter this activity page and receive gift which will be sent to your game mail in PUBG Mobile.

Is Midasbuy trusted?

Yes ! Midasbuy is a trusted source to do in-game-purchases in PUBG it is certified by PUBG Corporation also. Purchasing from midasbuy is totally safe for PUBG and your PUBG account. It is legit and 100% safe.

Can we send UC in PUBG?

PUBG Mobile allows players to send Unknown Cash to their friends and fellow players in the game. … Fortunately, users can now request from or transfer UC money to any of their fellow players or friends in PUBG Mobile.

How do you get a low priced UC?

Trick to Buy PUBG Mobile UC & Royale Pass at Low PriceStep 1 – Create RazerGold Account. First of all, visit the RazerGold Official Website. … Step 2 – Add Balance to Razer Gold Wallet. After Creating your account, you will see your Razer Gold Wallet Balance is ₹0. … Step 3 – Purchase UC at Cheap Price with MidasBuy.Dec 11, 2020

How can I get UC in PUBG after ban?

2 Steps to Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after ban.2.1 1) Method #1 Use Gold Razer Pay to Buy Uc.2.2 Adding money to Razerpay.2.3 10. Lastly go to Further procedure on MidasBuy to buy uc PUBG MOBILE after ban.Jan 16, 2021

How do I sell PUBG UC?

After entering the account dashboard, pick the option of becoming a seller, and choose the disbursement method that suits you best. Head up to the PUBG Mobile page and select “Sell PUBG Mobile Account Today.” Specify the account details, what you want to sell, and choose the option to put it up for sale.

In which country PUBG UC is cheapest?

Brazil is the most affordable country to buy UC. Players can purchase 63 UC (including three bonus UC) for only 3.9 Brazilian Real, which is roughly 54 INR. The Royale Pass costs just over 530 INR.

Which country has cheapest UC?

UC is the most affordable in Brazil, where players can purchase 63 UC, including the three bonus UC, for 3.9 Brazilian Real — which roughly equates to 54 INR. The royal pass costs only 530 INR. PUBG Mobile players there can purchase 8400 UC, including 2400 bonus UC, for 5300 INR.

Is it safe to buy UC in PUBG mobile?

The players should not make any purchase from unauthorized sources, as it could lead to a permanent ban. They should also refrain from using illegal tools like UC mod APK and UC generator. Also Read: How to buy UC in PUBG Mobile Korean version.

How can I buy UC in PUBG Korean?

Follow the steps below to buy UC in PUBG Mobile Korean version:#1 Open PUBG Mobile KR version and log in to your account.#2 Click on the UC icon located on the right side of the screen.#3 Choose the desired UC amount and complete the payment via card. ( … #4 Wait for a few seconds until the transaction completes.More items…•Sep 15, 2020

How do I pay my PUBG UC?

How to buy PUBG Mobile UC cash through PaytmHead over to … Give the credentials by either logging in via Facebook (if your PUBG Mobile account is linked to Facebook) or by entering your player ID. … The system should now automatically recognise you by your nickname.More items…•Jan 29, 2019

How do I use PUBG Midasbuy?

midasbuySIGN IN. CREATE ACCOUNT. Get PUBGM exclusive registeration gift for FREE.Midasbuy VIP. Check your status after log in.View Account.Transcation Record.

Can we get free UC in PUBG?

PUBG Mobile never rewards its players with free UC even when if they plan as well as win each battle. However, you will get many rewards and prizes if you buy Elite Pass. However, you have to complete seasonal tasks every time you want. Especially, you will get an opportunity to win Unknown Cash.

How can I buy PUBG UC in Iran?

Go into settings > apps > galaxy apps > then ‘Force Stop’ > storage > ‘Clear Cache’ > ‘Clear Data’ After this turn your phone of and take your simcard out. … Select UC in Game … and press one money from us ….Select Shetab Cart and press pay with shetab cart … … Write cart number or shetab cart …Ok finished .Sep 28, 2019

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