Is It Worth Buying Kindle Oasis?

If you’re upgrading from an older Kindle with fewer features, the Oasis is worth a look, but the price is still a big turnoff.

The Kindle Oasis I tested came with 32GB of storage and built-in WiFi, and sells for $279.99.

It’s also available with 8GB of storage and built-in WiFi for $249.99.

Should I get a Kindle Oasis?

Should I buy the Kindle Oasis (2019) Even though the Kindle Oasis (2019) is an absolutely fantastic device, it remains a hard sell for anyone but the most ardent of e-reader fans. It certainly isn’t worth the upgrade if you have the previous model.

Is a Kindle worth it 2019?

The new 2019 Kindle is not Amazon’s most feature-packed e-reader (that’s the Kindle Oasis ) and it’s not the best value (that’s the Kindle Paperwhite ), but it is under $100.

Is Kindle Oasis better than Paperwhite?

The Kindle Oasis has the superior design and display over the Paperwhite, and this makes it a better device for certain audiences, like people who constantly bash or drop their device, or have sensitive eyes, but the design improvements might not be necessary for all users.

What is special about Kindle Oasis?

It has a seven-inch screen and an aluminum body, and its special feature is an adjustable light to shift the screen’s color tone from cooler in the daytime to warmer at night. It is also waterproof. For a starting price of $250, the Oasis is overkill.

Can you watch Netflix on Kindle Oasis?

The Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s top-of-the-line E Ink e-reader, has been updated for 2019. Six months of Kindle Unlimited Service, Amazon’s version of Netflix for e-books and audiobooks, is included for free.

Is there a new Kindle coming out in 2020?

The second generation Kindle Voyage 2 is looking likely to be released sometime in 2020. The Voyage used to be the flagship Kindle e-reader, until the Oasis. The Oasis was the most expensive Kindle you could buy and it relegated the Voyage in obscurity.

Will there be a new Kindle Oasis in 2019?

You’ll be able to pick it up for $130 for 8GB of storage, or $160 for 32GB of storage. Updated on July 24, 2019: The new Kindle Oasis is now available, and Amazon has also released a new color option for the Kindle Paperwhite.

Should I get 8gb or 32gb Kindle?

The default is now 8GB (rather than 4GB), which should comfortably be enough room for around 10 audiobooks. A 32GB option is available too. If you’ve used a Kindle before then you’ll instantly feel at home with the Paperwhite, even though it uses a slightly updated version of the software.

Which is better Kindle or Paperwhite?

The Paperwhite has a slightly better frontlight (the lower edge isn’t as bright) but the difference is subtle. The Paperwhite has a flush front screen, whereas the entry-level Kindle has an indented screen. The Paperwhite has a nicer-looking flush front screen and a waterproof design.

What can you do with a Kindle Oasis?

14 Kindle Oasis Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

  • Dark Theme.
  • Show clock while reading.
  • Set warmer tones.
  • Large display.
  • Nightlight.
  • Change the order of page turn buttons.
  • Free ebooks in Kindle Store.

How many books can a Kindle Oasis hold?

Kindle Oasis prices, specs, and features

According to Amazon, 8GB can hold “thousands of books or over 35 Audible audiobooks.” Step up to 32GB, and Amazon says you’ll be able to store “thousands of books or over 160 Audible audiobooks.”

Can you download apps on Kindle Oasis?

You have to rent the books through a smartphone app called Overdrive, then send it to your device. Since you can’t download apps onto the Oasis, this adds a whole extra, painful step to accessing library books. But, at the end of the day, it’s an Amazon device.

Can you read the Kindle oasis in the sun?

The Kindle Oasis packs one of the best E Ink screens in any e-reader today. This meant text on the display was just as legible in our well-lit office while I unboxed the device as it was on our rooftop under direct sunlight, as I read pages from Mat Johnson’s adventure novel Pym.

How much is the Kindle Oasis?

Compare Kindle E-readers

KindleAll-new Kindle Oasis
PriceFrom: $89.99From: $249.99
Ratings4.5 out of 5 stars (10,112)4.5 out of 5 stars (3,694)
Screen Size6″ glare-free7″ glare-free
Storage4 GB8 GB or 32 GB

13 more rows

What is the difference between Kindle Oasis 9th and 10th generation?

The new Kindle Oasis looks exactly like the 9th generation Kindle Oasis that was launched back in 2017. Apart from an additional setting to adjust the screen warmth, the 10th generation Kindle Oasis has a screen that is more illuminated that provides a comfortable reading time under various reading conditions.