Quick Answer: How Do You Test A Product?

Here are six steps to help you make sure your product is something the world wants, before you launch it.

  • First wait; then build a prototype or test service.
  • Build a minimum viable product.
  • Run it by a group of critics.
  • Tweak it to suit your test market.
  • Create a test website with social media tie-ins.

What is product use testing?

Product Use Testing. Involves having persons or firms in the intended market use the new product for some time and report their reactions to it, in order to learn whether it satisfies the market needs identified in the ideation stage of development.

How long does it take to test a product?

Actual testing time depends on the test methods used. For many products, it may be completed in as little as one day, while for those with lifetime tests, such as performance testing for lighting products or solar maintenance testing for roof products, testing may take from several months to three years.

When sampling a product or testing it?

Product testing, also called consumer testing or comparative testing, is a process of measuring the properties or performance of products. The theory is that since the advent of mass production manufacturers produce branded products which they assert and advertise to be identical within some technical standard.

How do you test a new product concept?

Concept testing is validating your product concept with your target market prior to launch.

Next, ask questions about the following topics to dig deeper into the product attributes:

  1. Uniqueness.
  2. Appeal.
  3. Likability.
  4. Believability.
  5. Relevancy.
  6. Product demand.
  7. Most and least-liked attributes.
  8. Likelihood to buy.

Why is it important to test a product?

Applying product testing helps in a variety of ways including: Measure the effects of aging on products. Accelerated life testing makes sure products can withstand the test of time and it is especially important for technology based businesses. Product testing makes sure that an item is safe for general use.

How do you determine if there is a market for your product?

How to Determine if There Is a Market for Your Business

  • Pick Proven Categories. There are more challenges, and consequently more risk, when hopping into a market with a new product that is already highly competitive and successful.
  • Listen to the Market.
  • Keep Current Customers.
  • Test Your Product.

What companies do product testing?

If you’re looking for legit product testing opportunities, these companies are known for giving free samples and products to consumers:

  1. The Pink Panel.
  2. BzzAgent.
  3. Minute Rice.
  4. Good Housekeeping Product Testing Panel.
  5. Marie Claire Magazine.
  6. Influenster.
  7. Glam Spotters Reader Panel (from Glamour Magazine)
  8. Mead.

How long does it take to produce a product?

If you have an experienced product developer on your founder team, and you have a product of moderate complexity, then you should be able to get your first prototype within about 3 months, and a final works-like-looks-like prototype within about 6-9 months.

How much does a product tester make?

Product Testers earn $30,000 annually on average, or $14 per hour, which is 72% less than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid Product Testers work for LSI Corp.