Question: How Do You Pay With The Starbucks App?

This wikiHow teaches you how to use the Starbucks mobile app to store your Starbucks Rewards card information, add money to your card’s balance, order a menu item, and pay for items.

Part 5 of 5: Paying

  • Tap the Pay tab.
  • Tap a card you wish to use.
  • Tap PAY.
  • Allow your barista to scan the bar code.

Can you pay in store with Starbucks app?

Chase Pay®: Customers can use Chase Pay to reload their Starbucks Card through the Starbucks® Mobile app for iOS or online at In addition, customers can use the Chase Pay® Mobile App as payment at participating Starbucks® locations. PayPal™ can also be used to make purchases at

How do you use the Starbucks app?

Downloading the Starbucks Mobile app to your Android™ or iPhone® device. Follow the prompts to create an account and register a digital or physical Starbucks Card. Registering any physical Starbucks Card or Starbucks Card eGift by visiting Follow the prompts to create an account.

Do you have to pay with Starbucks app?

The Starbucks® app for Android™ includes Mobile Order & Pay, so you’ll always have time for a Starbucks run. You can also tip your barista, Shake To Pay and identify the songs playing in our stores.

Can I take money off my Starbucks card?

Can I cash out my Starbucks Card? Under the laws in certain states and provinces, customers may redeem the cash value of Starbucks Cards under a certain dollar amount. Cash redemptions of Starbucks cards in California under $10 will now be processed online.

How much does a cashier make at Starbucks?

How much does a Cashier make at Starbucks in the United States? Average Starbucks Cashier hourly pay in the United States is approximately $12.28, which is 14% above the national average.