How Do You Find Out Who Sent You Something From Amazon?

How do I find out who sent me a gift from Amazon?

How do I find out who sent me an Amazon gift?

Go to the Online Returns Center.

Select Return a gift and sign-in with your Amazon account.

Enter the gift order number and select Search.

Can you send something anonymously through Amazon?

Sending gifts anonymously from Amazon. Amazon requires you to key in your billing address to authenticate with your credit card company. This address will be displayed on your invoice which in turn is sent to your gift recipient, which is not really helpful. 4) For the billing address, select the shipping address.

Can you see who purchased items on Amazon list?

If you prefer, though, you can always find out what’s been purchased from your list by selecting Purchased or Purchased and Unpurchased from the Filter & Sort drop-down menu at the top of your list. The “Don’t spoil my surprises” setting is on by default so your gift purchases will remain secret for several weeks.

Are Amazon gifts anonymous?

Originally Answered: Can I send a gift via Amazon anonymously? Yes, you should be able to. Unless you add the gift note to your order, it’ll be an anonymous gift. If it’s gift card, then they’ll know unless it’s a physical gift card.