Quick Answer: How Do I Get A Postal Money Order?

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How do I get a money order from the post office?

How to Send Domestic Money Orders

  • Decide on the money order amount.
  • Go to any Post Office location.
  • Take cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check.
  • Fill out the money order at the counter with a retail associate.
  • Pay the dollar value of the money order plus the issuing fee.
  • Keep your receipt to track the money order.

How do I get a postal order?

Once you’ve bought your item, just buy a Postal Order for the same value and send it through the post. They look like cheques. You can even have the payee’s name printed on the order, and they can be crossed so that the payee can only pay into their bank account.

How do you get a money order?

Follow these five simple steps for filling out a money order:

  1. Fill in the recipient’s name.
  2. Write your address in the purchaser section.
  3. Include your account number if you’re paying a bill.
  4. Sign the bottom where it says “purchaser’s signature.”
  5. Keep your receipt.

How long does it take for a money order to get to its destination?

It may be worth waiting at least two weeks after you send a payment before giving up and canceling a money order. Most letters arrive at their destination within a few days, but for some reason payments seem to move slower. During holidays and weekends, that process can take even longer.

How much does a postal order cost?


Purchase value per orderFee payable
£0.50 – £4.9950p
£5 – £9.99£1.00
£10.00 – £99.9912.50% of the face value
£100 – to maximum value of £250Capped at £12.50

Do all post offices do postal orders?

Postal orders can be bought in any value up to £250. Crossed postal orders can only be paid into a bank account or used to pay bills at a Post Office branch. Uncrossed postal orders can be exchanged directly for cash at Post Office counters.

What is the difference between postal order and money order?

A postal order is not a legal tender, but a type of promissory note, similar to a cheque. A Postal Order is used for sending money through the mail. A money order is an order for a specific sum of money, usually purchased with cash at a bank or Post Office, that can be used to make payments.

Can I get a postal order online?

Uncrossed Postal Orders are as good as cash. So if you’re using a Postal Order to buy something online or by mail order, the recipient can pick up the cash while posting out your items. In most cases, your order will arrive earlier.