Does Applying For Amazon Card Hurt Credit?

1 Answer.

Getting rejected for a credit card does not impact your credit score.

However, applying for a credit card, whether or not you are approved, does impact your score temporarily.

Each time your credit report is accessed by a creditor, an “inquiry” instance appears on your credit report.

Is Amazon store card a hard inquiry?

Amazon Store Card is through GE Money. Credit bureaus see this as just credit card shopping, so will hit your score only once as a single hard inquiry. If you had applied for these two cards days apart, then your score would have been hit with two hard inquiries.

Is it hard to get approved for an Amazon credit card?

You will have a difficult time getting the Amazon Store Card with no credit history. According to the website, you will need the following minimum credit scores to have a likely chance of being approved: Excellent (720+); Good (680); and Fair (640).

What does your credit score need to be to get an Amazon card?

This card requires credit scores in the “good” range (around 660 – 720). But with it, you do get the opportunity to earn 3% cash back rewards that you can apply to your purchases as the rewards are earned.

Is the Amazon Rewards Credit Card worth it?

While Prime membership has its share of valuable benefits, it is not worth getting just for the 2% more in rewards you can get unless you spend more than $4,950 per year at Amazon and Whole Foods.

Which is the Best Amazon Credit Card?

Amazon Rewards CardAmazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

4 more rows

How much does a amazon card cost?

There’s a de facto annual fee: Officially, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card has an annual fee of $0. Unofficially, to hold this card, you have to pay for Amazon Prime membership at a standard rate of $119 a year.

How can I get an Amazon card?

To apply for a credit card:

  • Search the Credit Card Marketplace for a credit card you’d like to apply for.
  • Click Apply now. You’ll be redirected to the credit card application on the financial institution’s website.
  • Fill in the credit card application and click Submit application.