Do Ticketmaster Gift Certificates Expire?

Expiration Dates.

Purchased Gift Cards have no expiration date.

However, after a certain period of time we may remit the cash associated with unused Gift Card balances to certain states pursuant to their abandoned property laws.

Please check your promotional Gift Card for the exact expiration date.

How long are Ticketmaster gift cards valid for?

one year

Can you buy gift certificates for Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster Gift Cards may be purchased online by CLICKING HERE. Gift cards can only be purchased with a US or CA credit card. Fans who wish to purchase Ticketmaster Gift Cards in bulk should review our Bulk Gift Card FAQ’s.

Is my gift card expired?

Check the back of the gift card and look for an expiration date. If the gift card says something like, “This gift card does not expire,” then there is no expiration date.

Do Whsmith gift vouchers expire?

Your Gift Card is valid for 24 months (2 years) from the date the card was purchased. If you spend some of the card’s value or check the card’s balance then the card is valid for another 24 months from that point.

Can you get a gift card for Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster Gift Cards and eGift Cards can be redeemed at checkout online at, over the phone, or in person at retail outlets (except for outlets in Wal-Mart). Ticketmaster Gift Cards can be used for events in the United States only.

How do you redeem a Ticketmaster voucher?

How To Buy Tickets With Ticketmaster Vouchers

  • Log Into Your Ticketmaster Account. Use your regular username and password.
  • See What You’re Able To Redeem The Vouchers For.
  • Choose Your Event And Pick Your Seats.
  • Choose Your Delivery Method.
  • Apply Your Voucher.
  • Input Your Voucher Code.
  • Continue Checking Out As Usual.