Quick Answer: Do One4all Vouchers Expire?

One4all gift cards issued from December 1st 2011 onwards do not have an expiry date and will remain valid for as long as there is a balance on the one4all gift card.

How long are one for all vouchers valid?

12 months

How do I check my one4all voucher?

You can check the balance online by visiting www.one4all.ie/one4all-checkbalance . Alternatively you can phone the automated balance enquiry phone number 1890 930 077. For convenience we also recommend that you keep track of your balance by recording your spending on the back of the card in the spaces provided.

How much is left on my one for all voucher?

Text check Balance

If you have any issues with our online balance check service please text ‘My Balance’ followed by your 16 digit card number to 57887 to receive an SMS stating your balance, or call 01 9068547 for our automated balance enquiry service.

Do you have to activate one4all gift card?

The card should only be activated by the cardholder otherwise it may result in future loads being rejected. Please enter your card number in the box below and then click “Activate”. Please note that if you are activating a replacement card you must use the current email address associated with your reward card.