Question: Do American Express Gift Cards Work In Europe?

There is no benefit to using an AmEx gift card in Europe or anywhere else.

Can an American Express gift card be used internationally?

American Express® Business Gift Cards can only be shipped to the business entity that placed the order. We don’t ship Gift Cards to PO Boxes, APO or FPO addresses, or international addresses.

What gift cards work internationally?

Most bank-issued gift cards, such as those that carry the Visa, Mastercard®, Discover® or American Express® brand logos cannot be used internationally, but there are some store and restaurant gift cards that can be used across the border and overseas.

What stores accept American Express gift cards?

These are the few of online stores that accept Amex credit card:

  • Forever 21.
  • Shopify.
  • Target.
  • Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Walmart.
  • Urban Outfitters.

Can I use a US American Express gift card in the UK?

The American Express Gift Card is accepted in the UK where American Express Cards are welcome. You may use the Gift Card to make purchases only at Merchants in the United Kingdom that accept American Express Gift Cards, including mail order, online and physical establishments.

What gift card can be used internationally?

Visa TravelMoney is a prepaid card that can be used to “make purchases at 25 million merchants worldwide that accept Visa debit cards.” Like a gift card, you pay for this card in advance, meaning you load money onto the card in your home currency then spend the money as needed according to the exchange rate of the day.

Can you cash out an American Express gift card?

Use Amex gift cards to:

Buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards (at a supermarket, for example) and then use the gift card PIN to cash out.

Can Amazon gift card be used internationally?

According to the gift card terms and conditions, you cannot use an gift card on one of their international websites. An gift card is only redeemable toward the purchase of products on

Can you send gift cards internationally?

Yes, it is possible to send international gift cards online. The important thing is to make sure the gift cards you send are accepted in the countries where the recipient intends to use them. For example, Starbucks gift cards are accepted only in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia.

Are Mastercard gift cards International?

Visa and Mastercard giftcards

In addition to some strong rewards credit cards, Mastercard offers an international prepaid gift card and a prepaid travel card. Most Visa cards that you purchase are US-bound.

Does Mcdonalds accept American Express gift cards?

McDonald’s Accepts Credit Cards. Plastic is now on the menu at McDonald’s as credit and debit cards are to be accepted in about 6,000 restaurants by year-end. The QSR has signed agreements with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Currently McDonald’s has no plans to launch co-branded credit or debit cards.

Does Amazon accept American Express gift cards?

To get around this, just your use your Mastercard, Visa or Amex gift card to purchase Amazon gift cards. Additionally, you have the ability to reload these gift cards by heading into your Amazon account. All you have to do is enter your current balance on the gift card section.

Does Mcdonalds accept American Express?

A: Most McDonald’s locations accept the major credit cards which include American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Other common payment methods are debit cards and cash. McDonald’s began taking credit cards in 2004 and they still are a convenient and fast way to pay for your meal.

How do you buy an American Express gift card?

Simply go to to see all your options for buying Amex gift cards online.

Here’s a short list of well-known retailers that have them available for purchase:

  1. Office Depot.
  2. Staples.
  3. Safeway.
  4. Walgreens.
  5. Walmart.
  6. Target.
  7. Pathmark.
  8. Winn Dixie.

Does American Express have prepaid cards?

Your Prepaid Debit Account

All the benefits of Serve, plus FREE Cash Reloads at over 45,000 locations. Shop online with your Card virtually anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted.

How do I use American Express gift card?

Top 8 ways to spend down Amex gift cards

  • Use for everyday purchases.
  • Buy reload cards.
  • Buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards and use those to load your Bluebird card at Walmart.
  • Send money via Amazon Payments (see “Turn bank gift cards into cash“).
  • Make loans (see “How to maximize points and virtue through Kiva loans“)
  • Pay taxes.