Quick Answer: Can You Use Walmart Discount Card Asda?

Can I use my ASDA discount card in Walmart?

Yes they can.

My son has an employee discount card for Asda, he tells me he thinks that it can also be used in Walmart.

How do I use my ASDA discount card?

Add items to cart, go to checkout. Complete payment details and billing address, then select ‘pay with an evoucher’, use code ASDA. It asks for your Walmart number and discount card number. You should get a message to conform discount has been applied.

What discount do Asda employees get?

10% discount

How long do you have to work at Walmart to get a discount card?

6 answers. For 15 years if you are over 55, if under 55 it is 20 years for a lifetime discount. Either 20 or 30 years.