Quick Answer: Can You Transfer Money From One Amazon Account To Another?

You can not transfer money between amazon accounts.

You will need to provide bank and credit card info to get paid.

How do I transfer my Amazon balance to another account?

Withdrawing funds from your account balance

  • Go to Amazon Pay, click Shoppers, and then sign in using your Amazon credentials.
  • Click Withdraw Funds.
  • Choose a bank account.
  • Enter the amount to transfer to your bank account.
  • Click Continue.

Can you transfer music from one Amazon account to another?

Transfer Your Amazon Music Account to Another Country or Region. If your country of residence has changed, you can transfer your Amazon Music account to match your new local Amazon marketplace. Go to Your Amazon Music Settings. Select Transfer music account to a different country or region.

How do I transfer my Amazon account?

How do I transfer my account to another person or business?

  1. Open the AWS Support Center.
  2. Choose Create case.
  3. Enter the details of your case: Choose Account and billing support. For Type, choose Account. For Category, choose Ownership Transfer.
  4. Choose a contact method.
  5. Choose Submit.

How do I add money to someone else’s Amazon account?

Give an Amazon Allowance

  • Go to Give an Amazon Allowance.
  • Choose a title for your allowance so you can easily manage it later.
  • Enter the e-mail address of the recipient of the allowance.
  • Select the amount, frequency, and start-date of the allowance.
  • Provide payment information for the allowance.
  • Click Create Allowance.

How do I transfer a gift card balance to my bank account?



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Can you combine Amazon accounts?

Amazon accounts cannot be combined or merged. Content belongs to the account on which is was purchased and cannot be transferred. If your accounts are not already part of an Amazon Household, look into creating a Household for the purposes sharing content between the two accounts using Family Library.