Question: Can You Buy Petrol Vouchers?

You can buy fuel gift cards online, in supermarkets and at most petrol stations, which you can use to pay for fuel and other services such as car washes, washer fluid and other maintenance costs.

They can also come in handy if you want to manage your fuel budget separately from your credit or debit accounts.

Can you buy gift cards for petrol?

The Fuel Gift Card can be used to purchase fuel from any manned petrol station or supermarket, excluding Pay at Pump.

Can Morrisons gift vouchers be used for petrol?

Fuel Saver works by families using gift cards bought in Morrisons to pay for purchases on the high street. Morrisons believes that Fuel Saver will be used by families looking to find a way of reducing high fuel prices. On a typical 60-litre fill-up that’s a saving of £30 or 6% of the purchase price.

Can I buy petrol with Tesco gift card?

The Tesco gift card can be spent in Tesco stores nationwide. Sorry, you cannot use your Tesco gift card to buy groceries, books or clothing online yet. You cannot spend your Tesco Gift Card in Tesco Petrol, Tesco tyres, Tesco cards, Tesco fireworks, Tesco party and Tesco carpets.

Can you buy petrol with MTA voucher?

With MTA Gift Vouchers, you can buy almost any product or service offered by any one of almost over 3,500 MTA members nationwide. From chocolates to seat covers or from milk to magazines, and of course petrol and vehicle servicing, there’s something for everyone to buy with their MTA Gift Vouchers.

Can you use Morrisons 5 vouchers for petrol?

No, unfortunately, Morrisons More vouchers cannot be used to pay for petrol according to Morrisons’ terms and conditions.

Can you use Woolworths gift cards for petrol?

You can use your BIG W Gift Card to pay for petrol at participating Caltex Woolworths stores.

Can I use Morrisons more vouchers online?

We may make vouchers available to you electronically which can be used for your online shopping on our groceries website or app. We do not accept any other vouchers on this website or mobile app (including, vouchers obtained in-store).

What gift cards can you buy in Morrisons?

Giftcards for Apple, Currys PC World, Halfords, iTunes and Marks & Spencer sold by the supermarket are also included in the offer that will earn you £5 each time to spend in Morrisons. People have been stockpiling the gift cards, with ones from Amazon proving to be the most popular.

Can Morrisons vouchers be used for alcohol?

use our money-off coupons to purchase any alcohol, drugs, pharmaceutical products, infant milk or formula, tobacco; use our coupons to purchase products from any other website or from any store (Morrisons or otherwise); use some coupons in conjunction with one another (unless expressly stated otherwise).