Can I Use My Amazon Prime Account In France?

In the rare launch of a product outside the United States, Amazon just introduced Counter, a click-and-collect service in the United Kingdom and Italy.

The service is available at no extra cost to Prime members.

• As of July 2018, Amazon Prime Reading is available in France.

Can I use my Amazon Prime account abroad?

While you’re abroad, you can shop on Amazon from wherever you are in the world. Note: Amazon Prime delivery benefits, such as Two-Day Delivery, apply only in the country in which you are a Prime member.

Can I use my UK Amazon Prime account in France?

You could try contacting Amazon Customer Service if you want confirmation of this – or they might be able to work out a way to transfer you from the UK Prime deal to the France Prime once you get moved and change your address with them. But the Amazon France Prime program offers fewer “privileges” than does the UK one.

Can I use my Amazon Prime account in Mexico?

Amazon announced this afternoon that its annual membership program, Amazon Prime, is now available in Mexico. It’s standard for Amazon to launch Prime in new countries with only fast, free shipping. But Mexico represents the first time the retailer has launched with both Prime shipping and Prime Video on day one.

Can I buy something on Amazon and ship it to another country? ships products internationally with AmazonGlobal. Available product lines, shipping rates and fees vary depending on the delivery address for your order. To learn how to search and browse items that are eligible for international shipping, go to Search for Items Eligible for International Shipping.

What Amazon Prime can I watch abroad?

If you’re travelling outside the EU, you’ll only be able to stream Amazon Original titles. However, you can download other select titles before you leave so that they’re available offline to watch wherever you are in the world.

Can I use my UK Amazon Prime account abroad?

Amazon Prime members are able to stream selected Amazon Originals titles while outside of their home country. Note: Residents of the European Union, while traveling within the European Union, have access to the same titles that are available when streaming from their country of residence.

Why can’t I watch Amazon Prime abroad?

Thats because Amazon only has the rights to stream their shows and movies in specific countries. Amazon Video blocks access from all other countries. Thats likely what you already experienced when you are abroad. To solve that problem, you can use a VPN on your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

How do I change my country on Amazon Prime?

While logged in to your Amazon account in a desktop browser, go to Accounts & Lists > Your Content and Devices > Preferences and click the downwards arrow to the right of Country/Region Settings to view your current country. Hit Change and enter the new address you’d like to associate with your account.