Quick Answer: Can I Use Amazon Canada Gift Card In US?

However, you can purchase an Amazon.com gift card with a non-U.S.

credit card, and vice versa.

So while the gift card itself is only redeemable in one country, Amazon will accept payment from another.

Conversely, you can order a Canadian gift card from the Gap Canada Website using a U.S.

credit card.

Can I use my Amazon gift card anywhere?

An Amazon gift card is only valid for the Amazon store that it is assigned to. So the answer is that no other stores accept Amazon gift cards. PS. Probably your only option to shop elsewhere, is to sell the gift cards to someone else, online or to a friend, etc..!

Can a US visa gift card be used in Canada?

Although your gift card will not be accepted at locations outside of Canada, it is welcome at wherever Visa cards are accepted within Canada. You will notice on some cards the phrase “ELECTRONIC USE ONLY” printed on the front of the card.

Can I use UK Amazon gift card in US?

you can buy anything from UK if you live in US and vice versa. but the problem is, you can buy it using other payment method except amazon gift card.

Do US Best Buy gift cards work in Canada?

BestBuy.com does NOT accept the following:

Best Buy Canada gift card; Future Shop gift card; Geek Squad official prepaid card (for specified in-home training services); Magnolia Audio Video gift card; and Shutterfly prepaid photo card.