Can I Use A UK Amazon Gift Card In The US?

you can buy anything from UK if you live in US and vice versa.

but the problem is, you can buy it using other payment method except amazon gift card.

How do I redeem an American Amazon gift card in the UK?

Redeem a Gift Card

  • Find the claim code.
  • Go to You may be asked to sign in to your account again.
  • Enter your claim code and click Apply to Your Balance.

Can I give an Amazon gift card to someone in another country?

Originally Answered: Can you buy an Amazon gift card for someone in another country? Yes, it is possible. You can go to the specific regional Amazon and create an order which would include a gift card. Regularly, Amazon fulfilled products could be bought from another country.

Which stores accept Amazon gift cards?

You Can Now Use Amazon Gift Cards To Buy Gift Cards For Other Stores!

  1. Amazon sells gift cards for hundreds of other stores here.
  2. -Airbnb.
  3. -Amazon Prime 1 Year Gift Subscription.
  4. -AMC.
  5. -Bass Pro Shops.
  6. -Build-A-Bear.
  7. -Cabela’s.
  8. -Carnival Cruise Line.