Quick Answer: Can I Buy Postal Order Online?

eIPO or Electronic Indian Postal Order (launched by the Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India) is a facility to purchase an Indian Postal Order electronically by paying a fee on-line through e-Post Office Portal https://www.epostoffice.gov.in or India Post web-site www.

Can I order a postal order online?

When someone receives a crossed Postal Order, they can only pay it into their bank account, savings account or use it to pay bills at a Post Office branch. So if you’re using a Postal Order to buy something online or by mail order, the recipient can pick up the cash while posting out your items.

Can I still buy a postal order?

Once you’ve bought your item, just buy a Postal Order for the same value and send it through the post. They look like cheques. You can even have the payee’s name printed on the order, and they can be crossed so that the payee can only pay into their bank account.

Can I buy a postal order with a debit card?

Decide on the money order amount. You can send up to $1,000 in a single order anywhere in the United States. Go to any Post Office location. Take cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check.

How do I fill out a postal order UK?

Write the amount in words rather than numbers, and include the word “only” at the end. So, for example, instead of writing £250, you should write “two hundred and fifty pounds only.” Write the sum of money into the small box marked with a “£” symbol, on the right-hand-side of the post order.

How much does a postal order cost?


Purchase value per orderFee payable
£0.50 – £4.9950p
£5 – £9.99£1.00
£10.00 – £99.9912.50% of the face value
£100 – to maximum value of £250Capped at £12.50

How long is a postal order number?

Postal Order Number. Anyone know which one it is of the following. 6 digit on front then 2 digit number and then a 4 digit number then an 8 digit number.