Question: Are Target Gift Cards 10% Off?

Does Target give discount on gift cards?

For individuals and families who regularly shop Target, you can maximize the purchase by paying with a credit card that gives an additional discount. But not the RedCard. Target gift cards purchased on a RedCard will not receive an additional 5% discount, although most other purchases do.

Do you get 5 off with Target gift card?

Although Target gift cards and prepaid cards are not eligible for the discount, you will get 5% off for many other store and specialty gift cards. The 5% off will usually be added to any other savings you get, such as subscription deals or discounts through the Cartwheel coupon program.

Is Target having a gift card sale 2019?

Great news! The much anticipated 10% off Target gift cards sale will happen on Sunday, December 8th, in-store and online at We know many of you have been eagerly waiting this deal! There is a limit of one transaction per person with a maximum purchase up to $300 (minimum $10 per card).